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Your Directors

The Board

Your Community Development Trust;

The annual CDT AGM was held on the 11th of December at Arncroach Church Hall where the CDT gained new directors and the committee has been reformed. We have many new aims for the CDT and the service that it can provide for the community. If anyone is interested in getting involved or joining the CDT (cost of £1) please contact CDT Secretary, Moira on 01333 720727 for more information. Your Committee;

Chairman - Samar Mukherjee

Despite moving from Kirkcaldy to Birmingham in 1984 Moira, I and our 2 boys have, over the decades, been regular and frequent visitors to Arncroach. We are both now semi-retired and in 2014 we relocated to Arncroach. I still continue to work Monday to Wednesday as a GP and commute to Birmingham weekly. I currently run two large GP practices and over the years I have been and still am heavily involved in local NHS management . More recently I have taken up a similar role here in Scotland, as a Local Advocate of the Royal College of General Practitioners. My work requires me to listen to both patients’ and the general public dealing with various issues that cause them concern, and trying to resolve their problems. I am hoping my experience will aid the CDT in its mission to bring the local community together and thus enable its members to work towards the betterment of the local area.

Secretary – Moira Mukherjee

I live at Wester Kellie Cottage, Arncroach.  My husband & I have been living in Birmingham for the past 30 years but during this time we have been frequent visitors to Arncroach and we moved back permanently 3 years ago. Whilst in Birmingham I worked in General Practice & Hospital as both a Nurse Practitioner & Specialist Nurse. After moving back to the East Neuk I have changed profession completely & now work at Sproson’s in St Andrews as a picture framer!  My main reason for volunteering to join the CDT is that I feel it is important for members of a community to work together & to support each other.  I therefore look forward to getting to know you all & I hope to work on your behalf in the future.

Treasurer- Carole Brunton

I have lived Balmonth Farm with my husband Ian for 27 years. As well as helping Ian at home, I work for a charity called RHET (Royal Highland Education Trust) where I organise farm visits, classroom speakers and educational events for schools throughout Fife to allow young people to find out more about food, farming and the countryside. I have been involved with a variety of organisations locally, playgroups, PTA and Parent Council, where I helped to fundraise and organise events. I have joined the CDT to become more involved in the local community and hopefully help to make a difference.

Social Secretary – Jenny Brunton

I was raised at Balmonth arm and schooled at Pittenweem Primary then Waid Acedemy. After graduating university in 2016 I was selected as a representative for RHASS and SAYFC to attend a Commonwealth conference in Singaporebefore travelling for six months in Australia and New Zealand. I was Assistant Manager at Silverdyke Park in Cellardyke for five years before becoming a Policy Manager for NFU Scotland in March 2018. I am also an active member of East Fife young farmers. I hope to involve more people within our area with a greater sense of belonging for all and a strong community spirit.

Grant officer – Tom Crozier

Raised in the Clydebank, I relocated to Fife in 1976 and served with Fife Constabulary for 32 years. I made my home in the East Neuk in 1982, living in St Monans for 13 years before moving to Balmonth in 1995. I take some pride in that my wife Pauline's roots, and thereby my children's connection to the East Neuk, go all the way back to the 18th Century. I have been a member of the CDT board since its formation, and am confident that with the recent additions to the Board, the CDT will add significant social value to our community.

Potential Conflict of interest -  Carole Brunton & Jenny Brunton, both directors of Balmonth Energy, declared  this as a potential conflict of Interest. This was noted by the other Directors & no other potential conflict of interest was stated.

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