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Arncroach & Carnbee Community Development Trust


The Arncroach and Carnbee Community Development Trust

Our Mission Statement -

To strengthen a sense of community within the Parish, and to improve the quality of life of our members.


Our Goals are to -

• Ensure that the members needs are at the heart of everything we do.

• Work in close partnership with, our members , local organisations, businesses, the private & public sectors

• Be inclusive for the whole community valuing all members opinions & ensuring that no-one feels excluded or left behind.

• Identify, social, environmental, cultural and local heritage projects that once addressed and implemented would improve the overall quality of life for our members.

• Make the best use of technology.

• Be financially sustainable, reinvesting any profits for the ongoing benefit of its

members & residents.

• Be proud of what we can achieve together

• Run the organisation efficiently, transparently and with integrity

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Latest News

Monthly Photo Competition
Photo Competition. The CDT will be judging a monthly photo competition where members have the opportunity to showcase the beautiful area they reside.The winning photo from each month will be in the following years calandar. 

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